Hi to the all forum member,I'm new in the Buell world,in my garage I have 2 american beautifull old lady(4 wheel) so it's time to pu in the same area 2 american wheel,I live in Sicily and isn' t easy to find the right iron.

Last week finally I sell my Jap,so I'm in process to enter in the Buell world.
Maybe the question is discussed a ton of time,How to choos ethe correct Buell?
I quit with track after 5 year,so I want a bike just for cruise with wife,so initialy I think about an Ulysses,a bike with more room for passenger and more confort.
At same time I found a couple of Xb9 lightning one owner and a couple of Xb 12,one m.y 2008.(I know the problem about oilp pump gear) but I want to understand if there is huge difference between 9 and 12.
Some one talk about some problem on the euro3 bike,post 2008.

Can some one leave some feedback?

I really appreciate,I apologize for my english.