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Thread: WTB: Stator for a 2008 Firebolt

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    WTB: Stator for a 2008 Firebolt

    Hey Folks,

    I'm looking for a stator for a 2008 XB12R Firebolt. The new part number is 29900066, if you have one. Is it true that some of you are switching to a 3-phase system? I'm not opposed to that idea, in fact I love the idea. I've done some searching online and through the forum but can't find any supplier or names of products for the 3-phase switch that includes the rectifier. I didn't find anything on Rick's either.

    Any help would be great either way. I've been sitting around for 2 1/2 months waiting for one because they are on back-order.

    Thanks a lot.

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    been using the below. priced less than new...approx. 4 day turn-around....good southern folks to deal quality american content used for the repairs. superior quality to stock in all regards. single phase stators getting damn tough to find. i'll check factory inventory when i get time to run the new and superceded number.

    Address: 2014 Pratt Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35214
    phone 205-798-7282

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