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Thread: Tachometer Issue

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    Tachometer Issue

    Tach needle erratically fluctuates 1000-1500 or so RPM. Fluctuation is intermittent, not steady.
    -How do I go about troubleshooting the issue?
    -Can this be repaired in the home shop or do I have to send it off to a speedometer shop?
    -Recommendations Please.

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    I would pull it apart and inspect the PCB for broken/burned/corroded traces and/or cold solder joints. You may also want to verify that the grounds are solid as well. Also, I believe the speedo gets the signal from the ECM (verify in the FSM) so double check that connection as well. And make sure to check the plug behind the cluster as well. I would also put a continuity tester between the signal source and the speedo plug to verify the wire doesnt have an open.

    Those are probably in the reverse order of how I would begin my inspection.

    Also, if you pull the cluster apart to inspect the PCB, this would be a great time to do the voltmeter mod.

    Beyond that its probably the stepper motor going out. I would try to pull one out of a damaged cluster first.
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    YES^^^ and buying a dash is cheaper than paying to fix one, just make sure you get one with the mileage as close as you can.

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