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Thread: 2002 s3t, for sale any interest

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    2002 s3t, for sale any interest

    Thinking about selling my 2002 s3t thunderbolt.
    I am in north east Indiana.

    47,576 miles
    New battery
    Corbin seat
    Back cut transmission gears.
    Paint on tank is bubbling,
    Scratch’s on lower fairing from bike falling over.
    Need tires.
    Have all records of service.
    Have extra parts.

    Would like to sell bike and all extra part in one bundle.
    I have a list of all parts I have.
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    Here is a list of the extra parts I have to sell with the bike.

    Buell jacket, large-used
    Service manual
    Parts book
    Buell men’s watch-new
    Buell/deals gap banner
    Buell fabric cover-new
    (2) Stock s3t seat. -Used
    Gas tank. -Used
    Rear tail section. -Used/cracked
    Rear saddle bag frame. -Used
    Zero gravity tall windshield. -Used
    Oem windshield. 59748-97a, -new
    (1) set Ulysses saddle bags. -used
    (1) side Ulysses saddle bag-used
    Ulysses top bag. -Used
    (2) lower left fairings. -New
    Right lower fairing-used and scratched bad
    (2) Handle bar grip w/sleeve N0051.k-new
    (2) Handle bar grip, left, n0050.k
    (2) seal,air filter m0720.c-18-new
    (3) fabric under seat bag, 52382-91y-new
    Rubber seal,air box,p0559.9-39-new
    (4)rubber air box seal, p0559.b-43-new
    (3)Rubber air box seal,29424-97y-new
    (7) draw latch assy,saddle bag,
    (2) female hinge, type A,90780-94y-new
    Saddle bag latch & lock assy(right)
    Oem front brake disc,h0201.r-new
    Front fairing bag(right),58610-97y-new
    Front fairing bag (left)-new
    Oem air filter element, p0213.9-new
    Oem left side mirror-new
    Oem left side lever mount-new
    Tail light lens and mount,new
    Voltage regulator,y0302.f-new
    Shock cord, deep saddle bag cover,
    Front vent screen set,27523-97y-new
    Front screen set,m1045.b-new
    Rod assy, shift linkage, n0617.01a1a-new
    Side stand switch,y0800.t-new
    Right front or left rear turn signal,
    (3)Left front or right rear turn signal,
    Battery hold down,65984-96y-new for lightning or cyclone
    Lower fairing bracket,91365-99y-new
    Lower fairing bracket,upper, 91363-99y-new
    Oxygen sensor, 65970-99y-new
    Shifter kit, 49074-01y-new
    (2) Rear screen sets, m1050.b-new
    (2) Shifter lever assy, n0621.01a3-new
    Clutch lever assy, n0104.9a-new
    (3) Handle bar plug, n0053.k-new
    (3) lens, turn signal, y0503a.9-new
    (2) gas tank opening ring-used
    (4) gas caps w/black plastic-used
    Right side deep saddle bag cover-used
    Tail light with tool tray-used
    License plate mount-used
    Saddle bag brace-used
    Front brake lever and reservoir-used
    Front fairing w/mirrors and windshield-used
    Rear frame/saddle bag brace-used
    (2) used starters
    Header and muffler-used
    Home made rear stand
    Front stand

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    $5500 for everything.

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