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Thread: XB12Ss problems in the cruising revs

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    XB12Ss problems in the cruising revs

    Hi all! Newbie here.
    Wonder if yíall can help me. Have a XB12Ss that I canít get running right. Basically at cruising revs 2500-3000 rpm the bikes seems to be hesitant. It didnít used to do this, has 30,000 on the clock. Give it full gas and itís fine, idle is also fine.
    Hereís what I have done so far...
    Cleaned and tested injectors
    Changed induction module complete with all the sensors
    Checked resistant leads and coil
    Repaired faulty neutral switch
    Disconnect side stand switch
    Cleaned VSS ( had a bit of muck on it )
    Checked fuel pressure while riding
    Tested earths

    I get the impression it is running a bit lean in that range but not sure.
    Any help would be appreciated !!!

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    What year is your bike? They had different control systems.

    I would highly suggest downloading the FREE diagnostic tool ECMDroid form GooglePlay. It's uses a wireless Bluetooth dongle to communicate with your Android phone or tablet. I like the one I got from

    There is something wrong with your bike. Resist the temptation to throw a "tune" at it. Even if you succeed in making it run better that way... you are only masking the existing issue.

    ECMDroid is a great diagnostic tool to see WHY your bike started running poorly, without throwing any more guesses, time, money, frustration, and replacing any more good parts unnecessarily.

    Once you get the program connected, go to ECM Parameters, AFV settings, and see what that number is. <95 means the ECM is compensating for a rich condition (lazy O2 sensor, leaky injectors). >105 means it is compensating for a lean condition (leaking intake seals, airhorn gasket not installed right).

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    Hi, it’s a 2009. I will look in a way to look at the data... certainly would help!

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