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Thread: Cooter and Bubbles ride to Mumzys house.

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    Cooter and Bubbles ride to Mumzys house.

    Instead of posting more pics from a trip thats already finished, I thought it would be cool to try and post as we "wing our way up and down the USA" for the next 3 weeks.

    I worked too much last year (shame on ME!), didn't get a long motorcycle trip, and have frankly been a bit 'off' since then It's my glorious 50th b-day in early August and my reward my self for not dying is to start Stella the Buell and see how many wheel bearings I can change on the side of the road.

    This 2020 trip is gonna be weird. I heard somewhere theres a flu or something? Campgrounds, restaurants, and parks are unreliably open. Or closed. Or rumor says... Whatever, we're gonna go full send and wing it anyway. I am already cautious with my health (the regular flu sucks bad enough), and Bubbles is a bit of a germaphobe so this will be more than just a little interesting.

    This will be Bubbles first major excursion by herself (no kids)... and on a bike... and very different than she's used too. She's already a really good camper, not afraid to be uncomfortable, and keeps an open mind with a positive attitude. All mandatory requirements to have a successful fun trip She's used to camping with just her, 2 kids and a dog. That takes a whole lot more packing and planning!

    Bubbles has come a really long way since just having her ONE year anniversary of passing the MSF class Bought 3 motorcycles, a half dozen track days, thousands of curvy miles along all our mountain ranges (maybe 10k?), even gridlock PCH. She's a determined sponge for information and already rides better and safer than a very large percentage of M1 license holders. No kidding. She's an impressive chick.
    Her first bike was an old HD MSF training Blast we got for $650 that didn't run, she fully reconditioned it into a pretty (for a Blast, lol) and dependable runner that has even seen the track! Bike #2 is a beautifully clean and well maintained example of a '07 XB12-Scg she bought for just this very reason. She got it locally from a super nice guy and we still stay friends with him Bike #3 is her 2020 Ninja, and the very first brand-new vehicle she's even bought. Pretty impressive for a single girl raising 2 kids.

    The very-loose-don't-call-it-a-plan, 'plan' is: AVOID ALL FREEWAYS, camping/boon docking all the way but we'll hotel for laundry or hot springs because we aren't complete dirty plebs.

    We'll head north on Tuesday (Aug 4th) starting in Pasadena, through Angeles forest, into Kern/Lake Isabella to spend our first night in the mountains, then going up the east side of the Inyo mountains and see if Yosemite is open. Up into eastern Oregon, across to Crater Lake (Best Marion Berry Pie Ever), up to the Columbia River Gorge, west to Portland, dodge tear gas, see mom for a couple days of relaxing and laundry, and then the WHOLE coast back starting in Tillamook (Ice Cream!), making sure to stop in Big Sur for her (much younger) B-day, then finally back to the Hell Hole of Los Angeles if it hasn't burned down or turned into 'I Am Legend' by then.

    We'll be calling in favors to sleep in a friends yard or meet up with whoever knows a fun local road. She does FaceBook and ADVRider so that should help. Ready!... Set!...

    Going riding, hope we don't die.
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