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Thread: Xb12r isolator mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackMist View Post
    Well, I haven't seen nice yet, and it really goes both ways! I asked about two styles of mounts that have come to fruition in light of the OE parts costing a left nut, but that does not make me a noob by any means. 4 posts on a new-to-me forum doesn't equate to my life experience so get over yourself. Search terms in 2023... with all of the SEO these days and now AI flooding the gates, who has the time to sift through ENDLESS fodder for an answer. I dove as deep as I had the time for and figured what's the harm in asking some folks that have had the bikes longer than myself.

    everyone deserves the same respect you think you deserve by having a high post count and a subscription to the site, and we can all have fun in the sandbox. I couldn't care less about post counts it only tells the world you're likely someone who works on a computer all day and is bored AF. Has no other perks than a dopamine dump. Knows more than me? What a stupid thing to say to a complete stranger.... lol based on what? Time spent on forum? Post count? one brand of motorcycle's engine mounts? ya got me there!!

    Neither of you showed respect, both of you knew part of the answer to my question and both neglected to say without my prodding. Nowhere in my first post were there any hints of being an asshole, rude, arrogant, etc. and I get that crap? lol Tell me how you'd respond if that's how you were treated asking for help from a group of reputable strangers. Man, I hate forums. Nothing has changed about them in 20 years, always trolls, always bickering the cycle continues and I fell right into a keyboard battle...

    If there were the same questions I asked, they would be easier to find with a potential answer. I did search for twin motorcycles mounts and found nothing, I saw CVC had made mounts, but nothing posted since 2021 or 2022 so here I am asking how progress is going. I will absolutely play nice should the attitudes change, I'm here for help, and may also be of help. If you were nice off the bat instead of keeping your post counts up, and wanted to help... you would have, and we'd be having different conversations right now!

    Maple syrup ain't a joke, it really gets a fella proper antsy in their pantsies.
    Nobody here cares about a high post count or a subscription to the site. Nobody cares about your life experience or how much SEO and AI is ruining your life.

    You asked for advice, you got it. Sorry we didnt sugar coat it for you, or tell you exactly what you wanted to hear, but this is life... get over yourself. We don't work here, and we don't owe you anything. Nobody said they knew more than you, but the more your go on, we're realizing how full of yourself you are.

    If you think I was showing you disrespect or being an ahole to you, you are going to be in for a shock. I dont have time for your prejudices or your tissue paper feelings or your need to be coddled.

    You are welcome to ask questions, but when you come out of the corner swinging, dont get butt hurt because we swing back with reality. Remember you're the one who started with this whole insinuation that Twin Motorcycles was a scam because it was "translated from Dutch", and now you're feeling hurt?

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackMist
    I did search for twin motorcycles mounts and found nothing
    Why do you think I referred you to St Paul?
    cvc is not a Buell parts reseller. He is one guy who was nice enough to work on a project. I didnt follow him that closely, nor was I his "guinea pig" as your "research" showed.

    The front isolator was unavailable from HD for awhile, and while Twin Motorcycles were working on a replacement, the OE mount became available again. So, they probably decided to shelve that project for awhile. I didnt realize I had to explain all of this to appease your ego. If you need more info, you can reach out to Dris and Martin at Twin Motorcycles (don't worry, they speak English too).

    If it helps, I'll post up a pic of my new in the box OE front isolator that I bought from St. Paul.

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    Are the windmills screaming back, Don?

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    LOL what a ride that was to read!

    My first isolator failed at 33,000 miles and I replaced it in 2014. Iíve got about 56,000 miles on the bike now and it seems fine. Still has me wondering when it will goÖ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrett View Post
    Oh my, look at the shaft on that hardware, so shiny, so smooth.

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