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Thread: Buell xb9sx / the bike I didnít know I needed...

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    Cool Buell xb9sx / the bike I didnít know I needed...

    Howdy Buellers,
    Iím coming in from the smoke filed skyís of the PNW. (Portland area)

    Iím a motorcyclist that likes the right tool for the right job. I have many bikes and buell has never been on my radar till a customer brought in a Ď03 xb9 for me to work on and then I thought, I needed one. 😂 (Yes, I have a small Moto shop that I mainly focus on pitbikes) Anyways, I poked around and found a cream puff 2009 xb9sx w/ 5200 miles in blue and has never been washed and 2Ē chicken strips on the sides of the tires. Itís basically brand new but not...

    I got it Friday morning and went straight to the track. (Iím also a race tire vendor and weekends at tracks slinging tires) In between customers I was able to take the bike out and do a couple sessions at Pacific raceway. Where I decided the 12 year old Pirelli tires had to go. What I did notice the the yellow engine light comes on and goes off like normal then about 40sec later comes back on again. The bike does a bit of a weird idea sometimes and when giving it gas at low rpm sputters backfires in dies.

    Monday I was at the ridge Motorsports track working and was able to get more comfortable with the new tires and scrub them in and get the knees on the deck. Anyways, new bike itís fun, slow and a bit sketch to ride in stock form. The bike is really quite which is fine but feels a bit slower than the 03 xb9 my customer has.

    I donít want to change a lot of stuff on the bike and everything I take off Iím saving and will stay with the bike so it can easily go be to original form.

    Hereís the short list of changes/part upgrades:

    ē extra Seat/pan, maybe different shape with foam but definitely recovering it.
    ēBlack Bars from Ď09-Ď10 with out the cross bar.
    ē maybe aftermarket Pegs With better grip
    ēGas cap, is there I key less option?
    ēLed dash lights (They are super dim)
    ēHead lights, want both high and low beams on at the say time and they are super dim. Kind of worthless.
    ēCounter sprocket cover (cheap looking plastic/ I also donít want to fuss with it when taking the rear wheel BFE7A0E2-C264-460B-8D9E-C5BC443EE74C.jpgoff)
    ēTail light/lic plate. I think I saw something after market that looks cool and takes care of everything.
    ēMay Black out stuff other stuff thatís not already blacked out.
    ēfull Belly pan, I like the look and will catch fluids and I donít have to worry about what the aftermarket exhaust will look like.
    ēI want two full sets of plastics to custom paint up to have different looks. Iím keeping all the original hero blue stuff mint in a box. Airbox cover, Fly screen, Front fender
    ēExhaust/ the bike feels choked up and slow. What pipe is the best for xb9?
    ēAir filter, what the best way to get cool air into the airbox? Also is the 2009 airbox restrictive at some point in getting more performance out of the bike?
    ēBrake system front feels bad. I like the look of the 6 pot over the 8 pot. So I think Iíll go with ebr 1190 rotor, new brake pads (vesrah,ebc or what ever is best) and do a radial master cylinder. Do I still need a 8 pot?
    ēSuspension feels terrible. All new rear shock and fork internals.
    ēSteering stabilizer , if dialing in the suspension doesnít help with all of the bikes stability issues Iíll add the steering stabilizer.
    ēthen of course new exhaust means Ecu/dyno tune.

    What other power mods need to be done to give it more torque done low and power up top?
    I would like to have enough power to power wheelie with out needing the clutch. Is that possible?
    At the track I only saw 115mph. It felt no faster than an yami R3 and and I think a ninja 400 was in a straight line. I donít know that the first owner was so easy on the bike that it still needs to be broken in.

    Anyways I like the bike and plan on having it for some time. It just needs a bit more power and better handling and stability to feel comfortable pushing the bike around. Currently itís a bit scetchy. Lol

    Until next time!

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    Not sure why the pic ended up in the middle?

    Also, the day I brought the buell home the sky’s turned dark. Almost seems a bit biblical...

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    Welcome to the forum Twigster Hope you miss the fires up there. It's hot here in Cali too I think we're gonna lose Newcombs Ranch in a couple days
    Thats a long but simple list, but since you have a bike shop you'll be able to figure out most of it. Start here:

    Yes, theres a keyless gas cap available.
    Yes, the 103hp, 395lb Buell should be faster than the 42HP 368lb R-3, and should power wheelie easily. The Showa Buell OEM suspension is pretty nice and vastly superior to the R/3 and the Ninja 400 right side up non adjustable forks too, lol.
    A K/N air filter, good muffler, and matching ECM is all you really need. Homebrew methods usually don't help any more than that.
    The ZTL (6-piston) caliper is fine, it's a bolt-on mod for the ZTL-2 (8-piston) with the EBR rotor (every XB rotor interchanges) and EBR mounting hardware (solid not floating). If you want a Radial M/C to match the 8-piston ZTL-2 an EBR master bolts on too (19mm for 7/8" bars).
    You shouldn't "need" a steering damper if you set-up the suspension, but if you want one anyway there 's a cheap option thats been working well for me for years now.
    Spend a little time searching around here and every one of your questions has been answered, good luck have fun and enjoy the new toy.

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