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Thread: New Buell for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34nineteen View Post
    I'm looking for SKF bearings if I can find them. Thats the brand Twin is selling. 6203-2RSH. They should be able to be sourced in the US... however if push comes to shove, Twin sells them for about $10 USD each.
    yeah I know this thread is old BUT

    I was looking for something else and stumbled across this. for whoever cares Timken 203FF from the on line Giant about $7.00 get it by tomorrow with free shipping US made and if you play with singles use the same bearing on the Blast front wheel with a 17.5mm id 24mm od x 4mm thick spacer on the outside of each bearing same load ratings and way easier to find than the 62203-2rs
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    Hope like hell...

    The 2006 I'm in process of getting doe'snt have ANY bottom, top, or any other fits. Employer loaning me the money for my new to me ride; a 2006 XB12Ss, with 4,000 miles on her.

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    OK, well it looks like some progress is happening with the sweet lil methbuell.

    My parts came back from powdercoat:
    modules, upper and lower clamps, seat rails, tail (chopped) fork uppers, shifter, brake lever, kickstand, footpegs and some other little random parts.

    Out of my collection of motors I decided to find a front head for the motor I had kicking around. Its now coming back together, slowly. This motor is just going to be stock with XB9 primary gearing (maybe).

    The forks are also coming together nicely. New bushings and seals installed. I just need to get a pair of copper washers to seal the legs.

    I sent out the injectors to Aagaard Motor Foundry for testing and cleaning. I hope to have those back next week.

    Pics to follow but she is coming back together.

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    Yay Meth!
    FYI you can get a whole kit of those copper sealing washers from the Harbor of Freights for $2.99.
    Post pics!

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