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Thread: Anyone familiar with Buell ECM stuff? ECMSpy etc?

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    I'm going to buy a Buell Ulysses. It has a Drummer exhaust already installed. I'm a bit paranoid about having trouble down the road if my ECM dies... having a new one setup to work with the Drummer. I'd like to have the ability to back-up the ECM maps on the bike so if I need to restore them down the road I can. I'd also like to be able to help others with their ECM problems or perform TPS resets for them. My question is...

    If I buy a cable like this one: or this one:

    And I download ECM Spy 1.12.26 (I found this free) would these 2 things be all I need to back-up my current map and restore it to a new ECM if needed?

    After I figure this out, I'd be willing to learn to do TPS resets and help out fellow Buellers in the area.

    Thanks for any information any of you have.

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    Those cables will work. However I would suggest buying from xopti at link.

    What year is your bike? If its an 08+ then you will have to use tunerpro to do any work on your bike. If not then all you need is ecmspy and a cable and your good to go.

    Dave's DIY Link has a video of how to reset your TPS.

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    dallasb, I'm selling my 04... buying an 08 Ulysses so I don't think it needs TPS resets - I'd like to be able to help others with them though.

    Since the bike is an 08, ecmspy won't work? Would I use the same cables with Tunerpro? Is Tunerpro difficult to learn? Does anyone on here use it who could possibly give me a hand with backing up/restoring an ECM?

    Thanks again.

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    Sometimes the 08's can use ecmspy...its just depends on when it was built. Tunerpro will work with all bikes. Same cable for both pieces of software. Tunerpro isn't as user friendly as ecmspy but it is much more powerful. If all your wanting to do is TPS resets then just worry about using ecmspy on the older bikes as your new 08 will use a different system.

    On backing up your ecm. Just download ECMspy read and pull the information off of your bike. It has instructions built in but if you need me to give a step by step just ask...I really don't mind.

    Btw welcome to the forum. Post some pictures up when you get a chance.

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    ECMspy will tell you what firmware version you have on your bike, and it will log data. when you find out what firmware you have someone here will likely have it, Dallasb helped me when I totally screwed mine up. I believe I still have the folder with different versions of firmware so I may have wheat you need.

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    dallasb and cb750 Thank you for the help and replies. My first priority is backing up the current ECM map/setup on the 08 Ulysses so I can burn it to a new ECM down the road if I need to. Will ECM Spy connect to my bike to read the information and let me know if I can use it on my 08? I'm really not interested in editing ECM maps or tuning my bike... I only want to back-up what is installed on the ECM and know how to restore it later.

    Thanks again, I'll post some pics soon.

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    IIRC, ECMspy will connect to your bike but the information will be jumbled. If your not interested in tuning then just get ecmspy read. It can pull the info off your bike and you can burn it to a cd and store it. Personally I have mine stored in several locations besides my computer just in case something goes wrong.

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    dallasb, Once I have ECMspy read installed and I save the data to my computer or disk... would I be able to use tunerpro to burn it to a new ECM at some point if I need to?

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    Yes but you will need a few more files to make it work. All the additional files are readily available at the xopti site I sent you earlier in regards to the cable. Honestly I would just start with using tunerpro so that you can become familiar with the setup.

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    dallasb thanks again. I'm going to buy the cable and download everything. Once I'm ready in a few weeks would you be willing to help? I'm willing to pay you for your time...maybe up to $50/$100? I'm afraid of screwing something up but i really want to learn how to back up my ecm data and how to restore it if needed. Thanks.

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