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Thread: WTB Heated hand grips kit for XB/1125

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    WTB Heated hand grips kit for XB/1125

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to purchase a stock heated hand grip kit for the buell xb/1125

    Thank you very much and kind regards


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    You’ll need to source some from a Ulysses if you want to keep it stock. I would CALL St Paul and ask if they can get them. You’ll probably be in about $400 by the time they hit your door, if they are even still available.

    I think most people just put the Bike Master ones on and call it done.
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    The Uly ones are great, but I can't stomach $400 for "plug n' play" when the $50 e-bay specials work perfectly as long as you can manage to connect the leads to the power outlet (thats already under the windscreen just for that purpose).

    Wanna get trick? Get two of the correct connector terminals and use the factory plug. Bam, $350 saved for gas and beer.

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