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Thread: 2014 ebr 1190sx

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    2014 ebr 1190sx

    All good things come to an end! It is time for me to sell my 2014 EBR 1190 SX signed by Erik Buell. I am the third owner, and it has 11,700 miles on the dash. It has a lot of upgrades (Evap upgrade, Brembo rear caliper, better seats with gel, Oberon clutch slave, REV2 throttle kit, Knight Design 2" drop foot pegs….) and was carefully look after.

    All services were performed by the resident Buell/EBR expert at Bartel’s Harley Davidson in Los Angeles. The most recent maintenance at 10,500 miles included everything from the 12,000 miles major service, including the torque check of all critical fasteners (brake system, axle, swing arm, steering, fork tube) and a new set of Dunlop Q3+. The only thing left to do is the valves adjustment.

    I also will throw a bunch of spare parts, enough oil (Amsoil 20W50), filters and spark plugs for another couple round of maintenance and an extra rear sprocket (41).

    The bike is ready to go any distance, and I’m asking $6,500.

    More details:

    - 2014 EBR 1190SX
    - Third owner
    - 11,700 miles (and counting)
    - Two sets of keys + key code
    - USB key with the maintenance manual
    - Erik Buell signature on the frame
    - Muffler delete kit and matching ECM
    - REV2 Throttle kit, new grip and bar end mirrors
    - R&G Tail Tidy fender eliminator
    - Upgraded seats with gel (Custom Cycle Seats)
    - Knight Design 2" drop foot pegs
    - Upgraded potted dash
    - EBR Fuel pump fix (light is back on so need new floater, incl. w/ spare parts)
    - Oberon clutch slave
    - Front & brake pads replaced
    - Rear rotor replaced
    - Rear caliper upgraded (Brembo P32F)
    - Evap upgrade (Stark)
    - New set of Dunlop Q3+

    Spare parts:

    - Original exhaust and ECM
    - Original throttle cable and grips
    - Original mirrors
    - Original seats
    - Passenger foot pegs (just not installed)
    - Shorai battery management system
    - Amsoil 20W50 x4
    - NGK CR9EKB Spark plugs x2
    - Vortex rear sprocket x1 (41)

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    Nice bike! I can totally vouch for both this bike and the seller. Good honest guy.
    It's been well maintained and not abused even though he has a funny accent

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    Updated price to $6,500 and now available on Facebook Market :3

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    So thats what they look like before Cooter gets to it.

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    Up! Still for sale

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