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Thread: 1125R Test Bike?

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    1125R Test Bike?

    What do you guys think about this one? One of 3 tested by the factory?

    2008 Buell 1125R Factory Test Bike
    This Bike was one of 3 bikes that were used as test bikes in an off premise Buell building so they were not destroyed during the closure. I have a bill of sale from Eric Buell Racing to Al Lighton of American Sport Bike in late 2010. Al sold the bike to Terry Parsleys of JT&S Performance who I purchased it from in 2013.
    I have the papers from EBR to American Sport Bike, American Sport Bike to JT&S Performance but since the bike was never officially sold there is no pink slip, I just have a Bill of Laden from EBR.
    The bike will be soled from me with a bill of sale.
    This bike has never been registered and has never been ridden on the street.
    It has 3152 Miles, it's bone stock.
    The bike was built in 7/07 and has 00078 for the vin so it was take in late 07 for a test dyno bike.
    It has O2 bungs welded into both header pipe as seen in the pictures.
    The bike is not perfect from all means and shows some wear from being a test bike.
    Broke turn signal and some scratches but is all there and runs perfect.

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    Test bikes are always a bit dodgy as there may be pre-production or non production parts on the bike that’s never had replacement or service parts made for it. For the right person it will be a neat fun unique bike. For the rest it’s could be a huge PITA and there may be repercussions. You gotta remember that a good portion of the people on here are having a hard time getting past motorcycle 101.

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