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Thread: XB9S, XB9SX or XB12SCG Input

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    A matte finish would be easy to get with 240 grit, and do it to a cover that is already scratched please. It would hold dust, dirt and grease though.

    If the cover is nice maybe coat it with a matte clear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34nineteen View Post
    Is it a translucent/clear red cover or a solid red one? The translucent ones in good shape command a pretty penny on the 'bay. You can still find used solid ones fairly cheap... and for what you are planning, you can probably make an ugly one work out.
    It's the translucent one, just missing the 'X'... I'm more partial to the solid one so may proffer a swap for black or like Cooter said spray it with matte clear.

    Thanks, folks!

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    I think Cooter has a black cover that would be a great candidate for refinishing.

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