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    part 2

    getting the right parts Hot and the right Parts Cold is clutch for doing work like this:


    ....mmmm pizza bagels


    Don't want to be looking for tools while things are defrosting or really hot!

    ... I did not realize that the steering stops on an X1 are just the frame. Literally there are just little pieces of foam on the tube where the forks hit. Very easy for Fork swaps! custom steering stops are not my favorite thing to make.

    However I did have to use a different top triple, the stock 1125r top would not work, you would only be able to drive in straight lines due to the build in clip-ons hitting the fuel tank. I bought a 1125CR top triple from St. Paul Harley.

    That did have its own problems... part of the triple hit a tab on the frame. i do not want to start modifying my frame... so triple it is:

    top cut.jpg

    ... just used a cutting wheel on an angle grinder.

    clear top.jpg

    Came out pretty good, still has a little bolt hole there in case i want to mount something there.... I have no real plans for the front end yet.
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