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Thread: 1125 CR fork swap

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    1125 CR fork swap

    Anybody did a fork swap on a 1125CR? What fork would easily fit? Would love to fit something like an Aprilia Factory Ohlins front end. Any help or reference post much appreciated

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    fork swap

    I do not know any easy fits for the forks on an 1125. But their are 3 ways that Ive seen it done.

    1. you are a machinist and have mills and lathes and you don't need me to tell you anything!

    2. Get donor forks and rims and brakes, etc. Then have a company make you a set of custom triple trees to fit those forks to your 1125 (or whatever bike).. probably cost $500-$900 for the custom tree.

    3. There are some pre made kits or parts out there to do the swap... for instance I am putting 1125r forks on my X1. Someone makes a stem that I can use on the 1125r forks to allow them to swap directly into the X1 frame. Usually requires bearing changes in the neck...... this type of swap generally requires a bit of research to find the right bits.

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    Seek out the forum member known as purpony. Or visit his site at He is the man when it comes to putting XB parts on a tuber.

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