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Thread: My first Buell big problems pls help

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    I am not being facetious and there nothing I could tell you personally via PM or E-mail, that we all can tell you as a group on this thread.

    So far you have ignored the suggestions I gave and committed yourself to huge cost and trouble. I'm not offended. They were meant to help you, not me. All my bikes run well.

    You say you have "RTFM", but you continue asking questions that are directly answered in it, that also includes step-by-step procedures and even pictures. No worries there either, sometimes people need a little clarity.

    I'm watching and will help if needed with whatever long circular path you decide on. So far 34:19*, and Barrett, along with the rest of this wonderful forum crew, are doing a stellar job answering you, so theres no need for me to repeat the very good advise they have given.

    My unsolicited advice would be: Avoid the "might-as-wells" upgrades... BUT since you will have the engine on the floor and the cylinders off, split the case on that 30K engine and at least look at the whole thing. Especially the crank bearings, 2nd gear dogs/shift fork.

    You've never ridden this bike, I doubt you want to do this job twice.

    * 34:19 doesn't always re-build engines, but when he does, he does them on that family heirloom Persian rug just to prove he won't spill a single drop of oil
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    Haha. I will have to tell you the story of that rug.

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    Update: the weather is finally warming up so got to rotating the engine and removing the frame. The wiring harness is in rough shape and the sheathing on most wires has melted or dry rotted so going to went to replace pretty much all the electrical components. Do they sell new wiring harnesses anywhere? I can only find them used on eBay. Looks like this bike had been sitting for a while at one point in its life as there were what appeared to be the remains of mud dauber nests. Piston heads and valves etc are all caked in carbon but nothing seems broken or overly rusted. Not sure when, if ever, this was last serviced but man the bolts on everything are extremely hard to break loose and are very corroded. Do they sell entire new bolt and hardware kits? Anyway back at it just took a break and went to get the heads wrapped up and shipped to hammer performance so they can start working on my new heads. Iím going to try to upload videos but this platform doesnít seem to like media sent from an iPhone

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    Just drained the oil which was pretty clean, no metal flecks in the oil just a good amount of very fine particles on the magnetic drain plug, but I mean fine as in the grit/consistency of clay. Just drained the primary as well and it was clean but the magnetic drain plug was coated in larger metal flakes so about to disassemble the primary and see what Iím working with.

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