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Thread: 2006 XB12Ss Sebastopol CA $4500

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    It can be for sale for $3500 firm. It looks just like the one on the top of the listing but without the tail cowling and with square aftermarket mirrors instead of round.

    Mine has an odometer (from another bike) that says 37995 but the motor and bike have much less. Supposedly the bike was abandoned at a dealer and pushed off into a corner with a disassembled motor until one of the mechanics bought it and let it sit in a corner of his garage until he sold it to me.

    The bottom end is a 2006 with (supposedly) 6000 miles. The pistons and cylinders have about 2500 miles. The heads were just redone like the post above said with about 100 seconds on them from the first part of the heat cycles.

    Does it sound like a bunch of parts cobbled together to make a bike? Yup! Most of it is from the 2004, except the engine and wheels and odometer, which are from the "meth bike". Read all about the adventures of "meth bike" in the "New Buell for me" thread on the Lightning sub-forum. And never let Co_Oter know you have beer in your fridge.

    I have yet to actually ride it, so bring a trailer and $3500 and its all yours. I'm getting the title put into my name later this week.

    Edit: now it’s in my name.
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    I'll give ya a $1000. It's got a wimpy wristpin.

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    You're a wimpy wristpin.


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