Hi guys,

I have an '05 XB12S for 8 years now. Every year, I do an upgrade in the winter. I have a Brembo P34 hidden caliper with Brembo MC on the rear, handguards, all black, shortened tail, steering damper and some other small upgrades/changes.

Very high on my wishlist was the ZTL2 caliper, but I never found one for a price I like.
Last week I bought an new, unused EBR ZTL2 caliper from a friend for very little money. He had no other parts for the upgrade.
The last days I've been reading a lot about this upgrade. I thought of replacing the master cylinder for a Brembo 19RCS, but I'm pretty sure that my handguards will not fit anymore, at least not as easy as it fits on my original master cylinder.

So, now I'm thinking about the ZTL2 master cylinder from the 1125. Anyone who has fitted handguards to that MC? Or with the Brembo 19RCS?

I also read about the 2010 ZTL2 MC would be better than the '08 and '09. It had to do with an internal seal, but not all members agreed on this. This was an old topic. Maybe anyone with new experience on this?

Thanks in advance.