Got burned AGAIN. When I rotated the motor a year ago to replace the front cylinder top end, I must have been excited to see the girl run again. I forgot to install the star lock washer for the ECM ground screw thatís on the front cylinder!!! I was plagued all last season with COMM and THEFT errors. I assumed I had a break in the wire harness and knew I would have to rotate the engine to check it out. When you pressed on the wire harness under the left pod, she would fire up and run for a day or two.

I rotated the motor and pulled the tape off the wire harness to the ECM. Intermittent COMM errors. I even metered the wires from the ECM to the dash. Just about to give up a noticed the ground wire on the front cylinder was loose. DOH!

If itís a BUELL and you have a gremlin, itís a ground!!!