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Thread: 07 XB12S Fuel Pump/Cam Timing Sensor Recap

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    07 XB12S Fuel Pump/Cam Timing Sensor Recap

    Hoping this may help future members. I recently had a failing fuel pump, followed shortly by a failing cam timing sensor on my 07 XB12S. The fuel pump was a bit of self diagnosis combined with generally deciding to replace it since it seems to be one of those things that is only a matter of time before needing replacement anyways. My bike seemed low on power, started heating up significantly under spirited riding, which I assumed was a lean scenario due to lack of fuel delivery, and eventually had trouble priming. Got the rebuild kit from Barrett, as well as some great help as I had questions during install. The rebuild is very basic in terms of skill, just take pictures as you disassemble and reference for reassembly. See service manual for fuel pump removal, and/or the following video. This video does a good job for layman, but I'm sure there may be some things that are ill advised about it (I personally wasn't comfortable leaving the swingarm unsupported and hanging on the brake line).

    After rebuilding the fuel pump, my bike still had some severe symptoms when revving over 4k RPM. It would cough through intake, cut out, and backfire. Sometimes backing off throttle would settle it back down, but it would also sometimes die. I didn't recreate this scenario too often, as it clearly wasn't healthy, but I was lucky it threw a code 56 - cam sync failure. There are multiple threads regarding similar symptoms being related to the cam timing sensor, but many trailed off without much resolution. It seems that often times it will not throw a code, but will slowly start running progressively worse. I remember times where my bike would sometimes have a small hiccup when cruising at higher rpm's, or under a hard on-ramp type acceleration. I think this may have been early symptoms of this issue. After replacing the timing sensor, all is right with the world, and she revs beautifully all the way to 6.5k. While the code seemed like a sure thing, I was still hesitant to drop over $150 on a new timing sensor, so big thanks to 34:19 for letting me borrow one just to be sure it was the culprit. The only odd part of the sensor replacement, besides drilling out the rivets on the cover plate, was that you have to remove the pins from the connector. There was a little green center piece in the connector that you pull out to reveal the tabs which release the pins. Whole replacement took maybe 15-30 mins. I made marks to set up the timing plate in roughly the correct location, but the video below shows how to set the static timing.

    Now I just have to sort the stutter at 7k RPM....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RidetheLightning View Post

    Now I just have to sort the stutter at 7k RPM....
    Thats the patented Buell Shift Indicator (BSI) you silly guy, LOL.

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