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I'm no Cooter-arquez, but have been every X Y Z axis in everything from cars, trucks, a sandrail, streetbikes, countless dirtbikes... and you're right cvc, the scariest moment is if that heavy, metal, pointy thing you just launched... catches you

Petersons mag Off Road Adventure 2014:

I'm still so sad about that truck. I wouldn't say it had an easy life, but an extreme one, haha. Stripped it and got just enough $$ from "mixed scrap" to buy a mid-sized bottle of Jack Daniels from the liquor store next to the recyclers. It didn't last long

Sorry for the de-rail. Choo! Choo!
Great video! Glad you and your buddy weren't hurt, but sucks about the truck. I used to do the rock crawling thing back in the later 90's-early 2000's but I was too paranoid of hurting anything. I would have cried if mine would have rolled like yours.

I bought a lot of stuff from these guys back in the day.