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Thread: XB9r Original Fairings, Exhaust and ECU and more

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    XB9r Original Fairings, Exhaust and ECU and more

    Hi All,

    Gary here in Australia, and my first post.

    I used to ride my Buell XB9r 2003 but spine/hip issues forced me to sell my Buell a few years back.
    I had a bit of an accident on it too in the early days and scratched my plastics but had them replaced. They have since been sitting in my cupboard for years.

    I was hoping people here may know the current market of that these are worth in their condition? And potentialy someone may be interested here before I actually list on Gumtree/FB/Ebay.

    They are mostly effected by shallow surface scratches that will come out, but I have pointed to the deeper ones and the crack in the photos. There is also a broken head mount thing, I found this really hard to find, even a broken one. So I kept it incase somene needed to try and fix one up.

    I dont think the original exhaust has ever been used and same with the stock ECU (Not in photos, but do have it.)

    s there any fellow Aussies that could help give me an indication of that they are worth?

    Cheers in advance.

    Regards Gary

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    Will you ship to California??

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