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Thread: Seeking XB9 ECM Suggestions

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    Seeking XB9 ECM Suggestions

    Hi all,

    This topic has been talked a lot about in the past. I cant seem to find an answer to my specific questions though. I have browsed many old threads that lead to unknown links and possibly outdated info since most are from around 2011.

    I am looking to buy a 2006 xb9 in my area. The bike has a Hawk exhaust, K&N, the breather/catch-can mod, and stock map. I cold started the bike first try and it ran great during idle and the 10 minute test ride that I did. I got to see the spark plugs that recently came out of the bike and they looked pretty ok, however, I am still a little worried about the bike being run without a re-map. Id like to map the bike with something close enough in the meantime while I read the ecmspy documentation and learn how to fine tune it myself. I have found maps online for 'Stock', 'Buell Race Kit', and 'D&D Exhaust' but nothing for the Hawk itself. Which leads me to my questions..

    1. Do bikes with these mods normally run ok on stock map(maybe it was mapped by a previous owner)?
    2. Is the Hawk exhaust more similar in design to the 'Buell Race Exhaust' or 'D&D Exhaust'? Would one of these maps work better with the Hawk than the other?
    3. All you Hawk owners out there, what map are you running?
    4. Is there a way to verify if the maps have been changed using ecmdroid?

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
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