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I'll keep helping people who ask, it's my nature. The little boy above doesn't even register on the one feeling I have left
Some of you are so sad and cant read. I told you i got it running (cam positioning sensor) so no need to keed pouring gas down the intake. As for a little boy, again im a grown man and you sound like a 40 year old virgin who has a thing for boys. Keep on exercising your false sense of self worth on site nobody cares about. Sad yet humorous at thť same time. I read about jumping down another guys throat for asking a question about a xb which was actually a firebolt, and you again were at total dick. Reevaluate your life, cuz im betting you're a dick when not on this site. Reply whatever you want. Doesnt matter, this site is **** ŗ long as you are here. Bye bye