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Thread: Intake seals

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    Intake seals

    How do you get this piece of **** design to seal? Just got my motor back together from top end gasket replacement along with new stator and VR. Charges correctly now but these junk intake seals are leaking slightly

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    I'm gonna use some anaerobic sealer on the faces I think. Stuff works very well on everything I've used it on

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    On second thought we have versa chem type 2 sealant here at work, it's a non curing joint sealant. Gonna use that. Basically the same as that hylomar blue.

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    Sealant not necessary, just lube.

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    I'm not taking that chance. Type 2 is used for flange type seals and is resistant to fuel and heat. I'm dropping this motor for the last time.. thankfully all the more hard to replace gaskets sealed nicely

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    If you already knew what you were going to use, why did you bother to ask ?

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    Because I wanted a better answer than just clean it.. no **** I already did that. And used a skim coat of grease. Still leaked.

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    So... you wanted someone to give you the same answer you already chose? I'm so, like,

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    In XB12Steve's defense, the time stamps do show his monologue - and the sealing setup isn't ideal on these engines, I don't think one could successfully argue in favor of them. But, they are what they are and you gotta do what you feel is right, even when the internet tells you otherwise.

    XB12Steve, you might have another issue with the sealing surface rather than the seals themselves. Maybe someone has some input here. That said, I've used type 2 sealant (not on my bike) to get 'er done and it works. Hope it works out for you. Most importantly, enjoy riding your bike!

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    I'll tell you what right now, I've done the intake before the top end gasket set before. With the James gaskets I found you literally can't tighten them for them to seal. I barely tightened the first set and it deformed the gaskets. Yes I tighten them evenly. I pretty much had the bolts quarter past finger tight to get them to seal. The design is garbage. Plain and simple

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