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Thread: New to me S3 basket case

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    New to me S3 basket case

    I traded a blast for an S3T that ďran but wouldnít idle. I bought it last year and only put 1000mi on it ď he said well he had the bike three years and hadnít showered in at least three weeks. The bike was supposed to run but no battery a mrGasket glass fuel filter and three hours late. I unloaded his truck and sent him on his way.
    Now what to do with most of a bike Iím not familiar with.
    Anyone have a manual they would part with and an air filter assembly, turn signals, tail lights and handle bars as the ones on it are too narrow for the clamps.
    To sweeten the deal he threw in a 2003 XB12 Firebolt well some of a Firebolt rear wheel ,swing arm ,shock, engine (less top end) and frame but after unloading let me know he couldnít find the title. Said he would mail it. Right. So a clean xb frame no dents no scratches and still no good.
    Well I will try to check fluids and compression then this thing has wires dangling and a ground made of twisted tie wire so until I get a wiring diagram I donít even want to try to fire it up.
    Whatís the pitfalls of this particular bike (S3T) I should be on the lookout for?
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