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Thread: Lean fouling the front plug xb12r?

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    Awesome info barret, thanks dude! Is the color coding the same for the 08+ bikes?

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    My pleasure Sir. Very few color codes were changed for critical wires during the XB run so should be the same. SM schematic will show you same. code for green is GN. Didn't follow this no ECM expert....know nothing about data-logging and such...but the tell-tale signs of a shorted injector signal wire would be:
    1-out of wack AFV for a particular cylinder
    2-horrible rideability....consistently poor throttle response....back-fire thru TB during both cold and hot start
    3-spark plug of correct heat range that appears to be ashen on the inner portion of the shell and white-hot center electrode porcelain.

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    Man, hope thats it! What a lucky score

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    Barret, that's EXACTLY the symptoms I'm having. This would be an absolute WIN if that's the case. This forum never disappoints!

    The next question is, obviously I don't want to fix those wires and not remedy the chafing issue. Are they easily rerouted, or should I just shield them better with wire loom?

    Thanks guys!

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