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Thread: Looking for a Buell XB12r Exhaust

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    Looking for a Buell XB12r Exhaust

    Hey guys, I just recently bought a 2004 Firebolt. The previous owner thought it would be a good idea to take off the muffler. It is unbearably loud without it. What kind should I look for and does anyone have one for sale?

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    I'll assume they removed everything else too? The half-moon looking mount? The IEV? The cables? If so, your best bet is to Google "Buell Exhaust" and get what you like.
    They range from inexpensive stainless exhaust from Rev-Mo, to full race systems. IMO Drummer is great for a quality, fair volume exhaust. Rev-Mo is a little louder, but you can't beat the price for all stainless, Jardines have a rep for blowing up, Keda designs is the most power but loud.

    When shopping mufflers you will bang your head against the "need a tune" or ECM. IMO, unless you know computer tuning... you should get a matching ECM from for a plug-n-play option that matches whatever exhaust you buy.
    Option 2 is to get the program (IMO a Buell "race" program is fine for aftermarket exhaust) and load it for free using a bluetooth dongle. I love the one I got from Buelltooth ( and instructions are on their site.

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