Folks, its been too long.

Obviously my fleet of buells has been running well, or you would see more posts. I'm about to start searching here and Bad Weather, but I thought I would take a shot.

2008 XB12XT
33,000 miles
Factory ECM/Tune
Factory Pipe
ECM relocated and visually ok

This weekend the bike cut dead, like someone hit the kill switch. The bike safely coasted to the side of the road, about 30 miles from home. The bike just dropped, no sputter, cough, chug. Bike has a quarter tank of gas. I pulled off the left air duct and did a basic spark check on the front cylinder. NO SPARK, holding the plug to the engine chassis ground. Immediately I suspected the Crank Position Sensor (CKP) or cracked ECM, and trailer'd her home. The clean spark plug feature worked so I didnt suspect the coil. Bike just cranks and cranks, not even attempting to catch. Obvious FUELL/IGNITION issue.

Of course no CEL Error or DTC codes in memory

Started with the basic tests using ECM Spy
- PASSED front coil test - visually confirmed spark
- PASSED rear coil test - visually confirmed spark
- fuel pump cycles and sounds like it always has
- tack reports 300 rpm while cranking
- CKP reports activity while cranking

Actions Taken
- Swapped with good 2008 ECM
- Swapped Coil, spark plugs and wires
- Swapped Bank Angle Sensor (BAS)
- metered ECM harness to CKP lines
- tested voltage on coil line 2
- removed BAS and then tested when shorted BLACK to GREEN wires
- reviewed ground connections under seat and triple clamp, installed star washers and metered
- metered ground pins on ECM wire harness
- Volt Meter across CKP lines shows 5v AC while cranking and CKP meters 990 ohms (looks good according to the electrics manual)
- pulled fuel line and primed the pump, about a quart of fuel ended up in my lap, thank fully no spark to set me on fire. I suspect the fuel pump is ok

- when bars are cranked to left hard stop, the spark plugs will spark (front and rear) until i stop cranking - This is very intermittent
- playing with the ECM wire harness at the ECM will sometimes get the spark plugs sparking - Again very intermittent
- this was at the end of the day, my battery was toast, even with a charger

At this point I have not 100% ruled out the CKP sensor, I'm leaning towards a bad/broken wire in the harness at either the triple clamp or the ECM

Suggestions??? Observation??? Humorous Story???

I will keep this thread updated, nothing worse than a thread that just ENDS! "did it get fixed?" "did you sell the bike?" "were you abducted by aliens?"