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Thread: Xb12 belt

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    Xb12 belt

    Hey everyone does anyone know the correct belt to order for an 05 xb12s? My belt broke last weekend.

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    The correct factory part # for your S model with stock tooth count F&R pulleys is: G0500.1AAH----it is 128 tooth count. Plenty still available thru H-D dealers.

    Multiple aftermarket belts also readily available that are nicely priced and excellent good or better than OEM.
    As follows and will be 14mm pitch-----128 tooth count-----1-1/8" width:

    BDL Falcon SPC Part#: BDL-SPC-128-118

    Dayco Panther Part #: 43-9085

    Gates-Polychain Part #: 43-9014

    NOTE: checked with the Amishman up the street from me who makes leather belts and harnesses, to see if he had any in stock....but none at this time. Only horse collars, buggy reins and leather suspenders.

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    Win! Thank you for being Bu-oogle and posting easily found info again and again without complaint. The man, the myth, the Barrett...

    What an idyllic picture. Could you ask the locals about a leather strap for my Chewbacca furry outfit?

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    Any aftermarket belts for the long frame bikes out there. I put on a Falcon for a big twin several years ago and it lasted less than 200 miles of course no warranty because the Buell tensioner bent the belt backwards instead of only around the front and rear pulleys

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