T-bone: The only issues I see is making changes without a dependable test regimen to see if those changes are helping or hurting you. The operation of the valve will simply do what you tell it to, regardless whether it's killing power or not, but won't cause you "issues".
IMO, if you want proven power and dependable operation, use the proven recipe. OE race tune, open airbox, delete the IEV, and go aftermarket muffler. There are quiet ones and there is a race tune version for the stock muffler as well. You will work very very hard to walk the long path to get close to those OE race tune gains by yourself. But... if fiddling is your thing, have fun man. For some it's the destination, for others, its the journey.

Careful what you ask for Thirty-four:19! BITD, I spilled a little Miller Genuine Draft while sitting in a Lamborghini with a frisky redheaded GF that I named Larry. Maybe some DNA too. A purple Lambo S, with big chrome wheels, that was "lowered" by someone screwing the coilovers to the stops. Classy, right? I actually ended up changing the clutch in that car, all from the bottom, with no lift, 4 months and almost $20,000!!! No wonder my back hurts today.