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Thread: XB12 Muffler Valve Setting

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    XB12 Muffler Valve Setting

    For those that have ECM Droid or other Tuning Apps, what is the prefered ECM setting for the Automatic muffler valve?
    My stock Map had the valve programmed to open on Wide Open Throttle. A Map I just got From Revision for the stock XB12 Muffler also had the same setting and they told me that map was actually an EBR Map. Other settings options are, turned completely off, or turned on the open and close throughout the Rev range.

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    I'm pretty sure that is what the setting should be.

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    This is a shake your head question...
    If you want your bike to run to epa specs leave it be.
    I used to turn them off and wire the valve open. Some people just removed the cable and wired the valve open.
    The reason why it’s a epa the xb12 made more noise and the exhaust valve was the fix.
    The reason I turn it off and wire it open is because it’s a poor design road debris coats the cable, cable fails.. unless you constantly clean and maintain it.

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    In stock trim, it also reduces the amount of the Buell torque dip at 3500-4500 RPM. It's a pretty neat design, especially considering the limitations.

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