Hi everyone. Just registered and already need answers PLEASE. I recently bought a 2005 xb12r and the previous owner(s) obviously didn't have much respect for the machine they trusted their lives on. It had an aftermarket exhaust which was barely on. I road the bike a couple times and it ran decent and seemed to have plenty of power. Then one day I went to ride it and, without even pushing the bike it blew the exhaust in half and died. wouldn't stay idling after that. It was then I decided to dismantle the bike and get familiar with it. Now, I'm not a seasoned mechanic by no means but I'm pretty good with my hands, learn fast and enjoy knowing the machines I have in my life. Anyways, I tore the bike down. Replaced all the top end and rocker assembly gaskets. Lapped the valves and put it back together. Adjusted the timing as well and changed fluids. The bike starts no problem but barely will stay idling and has zero power in all gears as well as wants to die when i give it any throttle. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I would like to gain any knowledge possible. For some reason I love this bike and I really want it running how it should. Thanks for all that respond