So after 15 years without a Buell I just picked up a new to me 2005 xb12s. I started off on a 2000 blast and them moved up to an xb9s in 2003. Unfortunately that bike met an untimely end due to a driver running a red light. I decided to move on to other brands but nothing ever felt quite the same as my old lightning so after years of lurking I finally broke down and bought another.

Anyway here's a couple of pictures of it.



It has, what I understand to be, a red voltage kit on it. I've only ever seen one other this color in a video some where so if anyone has any info on that color I'd like to know more. It appears to be a factory appearance package, as some of the plastics still have barcodes with part numbers on the back but I haven't had much luck in finding out more.

Sorry for the funky rotation, not sure what vbulliten is doing.