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Thread: Intake sealing, the final solution

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    Used the james with hylomar. Installed coil bracket bolt, not snug but just to hold the alignment then made sure seals were centered an snugged bolts a lil at a time evenly. Flanges are correct front an rear. I didn't mic the manifold

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    If anything I'll use sealant on the manifold itself to seal against the o ring if I have to

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    Flanges solved my problem. I did have to take a 80 grit sand wheel, not a drum, on my dremel to the bores in order for the flanges to fit the manifold. Once I did that a few times they slid on nicely an I could clock them. Overall these aren't easy to install. Several times the o ring popped out of the groove as soon as it touched the head. They were lightly oiled. But patience and perseverance an it runs smoother than ever. So I guess there's no easy way on these but these should last for quite a while hopefully

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    Thank you for the detailed report

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