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Thread: South Texas - S to R tail swap?

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    South Texas - S to R tail swap?

    Not sure if there's many people A) in the south Texas / Houston area who have Buells or B) want to swap the S tail for my R.

    I've got a 2009 xb12r and am thinking I want to swap for an S tail to clean everything up a bit. It's a long shot but I'm hoping to find someone local with an S tail, black frame, who wants to meet up and do some swapping. My frame is black, plastics are black, sticker is red.

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    It’s a long shot. No one converts Lightning tails to Firebolt. The Lightning components are very hard to find and very expensive… and people know that.

    I found a set of silver seat rails and rear seat pan in different listings on ebay for about $250. Better snap to if you really want to do this, its not like more are being produced.

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