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Thread: Tps reset, is 3.4 at 1100 rpms ok?

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    Tps reset, is 3.4 at 1100 rpms ok?

    I keep following the procedure.. keep getting same results. Before I thought it was due to the intake leak.. but now that is 100% fixed with the flange upgrade. Tested and confirmed after to make sure. Here's what I do, if I'm doing something wrong please correct me. I ride the bike to get it to operating temps. Back idle adjustment cable while snapping throttle closed making sure butterfly sticks in throttle body. Back the cable out 2 more turns. Hit tps reset on buelltooth. Snap throttle open so the plate is no longer stuck. Bring degrees to 5.3, start bike. Bike idles at 1500. Back cable down to 3.4 at 1100. I don't get it, I thought it's supposed to be at around 5 degrees at 1100 rpms?

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    Procedure correct but:
    1-perform at room temp
    2-confirm that the TB throttle plate is working smoothly and stop flicking the throttle during the procedure
    3-after setting at 5.3....stop looking at the TPS degree numbers and worrying about it....start motor....set warm idle to 1100...and be done with it. Obviously, the TPS setting will change when the warm curb speed idle is set to your liking.

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    This new guy seems to know a thing or too ^^^^. Care to introduce yourself in the new members forum?

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    That man needs no introduction.

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    for reference I believe mine is closer to 4 degrees, but as Barrett said, just adjust to the correct RPM. As long as it idles smoothly don't sweat it.

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