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i found the issue. its the coil. i just havent figured out the reason yet. i gave a spark tester that i was using. when i initially put it on i got no spark from either side. went to remove the coil from the bike and i smacked the plug with my wrist when i was reaching in and it flt loose. i unplugged it and then plugged it back in and the bike fired right off. tester showed spark on both sides. so the coil is the issue however its not known yet if the coil is bad or if the issue was with the plug. testing in progress.

Yet another prolonged multi-week thread without resolution. I could have "found the issue" in my shop in under 30 minutes. This agony is approaching 30 days.

XB coils are "singular" in construction. The key switch relay feeds them 12V....the ECM via secondary ground signals them. The ECM can only differentiate between supplied signal to "front" and "rear" coil sections via ECM ground....NOT thru the 12V source. Hence, stored active/historic fault codes #24 & #25. You'll likely have them and should be cleared out.
You do NOT test these coils with a "spark tester" device...whatever that is. You test them as I've mentioned on here 2X in the past 2 weeks. CENTER POST---12V source........LEFT AND RIGHT POSTS---ECM pulsing ground signal. Any other "test" reveals nothing.
You removed the wiring harness plug....the primary and secondary circuits dumped their stored voltage "to atmosphere"....you reconnected said plug and motor fired. Perform a proper "12V test light" procedure as per what I've posted on here...clear codes 24/25 if present...check coil wiring harness main feed for chafing in the vicinity of the TB assembly (known problem)...replace coil.