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Thread: 2007 Buell XB12Ss Lightning Long for sale

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    2007 Buell XB12Ss Lightning Long for sale

    I LOVE Bikes! I bought this Buell in March of 2020 as a fun hobby bike to tinker with during COVID. Third owner. Everything works awesome. Always on a battery tender (Harley Battery). I’ve had many motorcycles but always loved the look, engineering, handling and soul of Buell. Wow, was I surprised! This bike is very cool and I bought a good one. While the bike only had about 6500 miles on it, there were some challenges. Motorcycle is stock and complete. Ran great but I’m very picky so I had to make it as perfect as possible. Here’s what I did.
    1. Of course, there was a rear rocker box oil leak. I turned the motor and replaced the upper and lower rocker box seals with cometic gaskets and Hylomar Blue sealant. Have some pictures of the project. I’m a good hobby mechanic - I did it right. These leaks happen with all Buell XBs - I’m confident that my repair is very solid.

    2. Front brake had vibration. I ground the rotor using an oscillating sander with mild grit. The main fix was the replacement of the old mounting hardware with new EBR parts and EBC sintered brake pads. The brakes are very nice.

    3. The motorcycle needed a good detail cleaning. I removed the wheels, cleaned them and the entire bike and replaced the rear wheel bearings because they are somewhat prone to failure. The motorcycle is as clean as you will find. Period.

    4. This bike came from the factory with a two stage exhaust system that works through an electronic actuator and flap in the muffler. Nearly every stock actuator will fail as they have plastic gears. Thankfully Ford used the exact same actuator in their trucks for a time and they have metal gears. I bought one and had the correct armature welded on. This is a common fix that I applied and everything works great.

    5. Of course I changed the engine/trans and primary oil - I use Amsoil

    6. Brake fluids were changed about 1.5 years before I bought it. Very clear.

    7. While doing the rocker box seals I removed the muffler and repainted it with VHT paint. Looks nice.

    I tried to keep this bike as original as possible. It even has some of the factory caution stickers on it. The finishes are factory nice. Only blemish is a scratch on the right side frame which can be seen in the pictures. I had a local,custom motorcycle paint shop quote $300 to fix it perfectly. I believe there was a garage layover - the previous owner claimed he bought the bike with it.

    I’m pushing 50 and while the bike is quite comfortable I cannot do long trips on it. I bought a 2006 Fatboy so I’d like to sell this one. I’m not taking BS low ball offers and don’t need to sell. Not sure you will find a finer example. Only 8514 miles as of this listing. There are no warning lights on the gauge cluster. This bike is ready to enjoy and I proudly make no excuses as it’s nearly perfect. Again - I am very picky about my bikes. Please call or text with any questions. 7one7-5seven8-one9one4. I'm in York, PA. Asking $5800

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    Have not seen this XB in person but can vouch for seller. Kevin speaks the truth, owns some very nice machinery, and is a top quality serious seller. Have no opinion either way on bike or price but I believe you can buy here with utmost confidence.

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    Nice looking bike. I like the 06/07 SS model as they were shorter than the later ones.

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    Thanks Barrett. Folks, the bike is ready to roll. Happy to answer any questions.

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    Folks- dropping price to $5400.

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    Sold for $5K

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