Bought a 32,000 mile XBX12X and going through a ton of troubleshooting to get it fixed.

2006 XB12X with the Buell Race exhaust, brand new KN filter.

The bike was down on power, popped like crazy on decel, and had AFV in the 114% range.

I reflashed it with a proper race tune.
Also replaced:

Spark plugs
Intake seals
New fuel pump, filter, hoses, pressure regulator
Injectors cleaned

Plugged open nipple on throttle body
Many TPS resets
Checked the throttle plate rod isn't broken

It was running great for a little while after the fuel pump replacement last month, and then the AFV started creeping up again to 115%.

I have not replaced the Oxygen sensor yet because it looks like a massive pain in the ass, but I have one ready to go in.

Is there anything else I can try or test?

Currently the bike wonít even really run if I set the AFV to 100
I should probably get a log recorded as well, but I don't know what to look for.