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Thread: front rebound/compression adjuster/oil capacity of swingarm

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    1)I've just bought an XB12SCG 2008.The manual is confusing and seems to point to the same adjuster for front fork rebound and compression damping adjustment on the bottom of both forks.Surely the rebound adjuster is on the top of the forks and the compression is on the bottom?Can someone reassure me that I'm right..or call me a plonker if I'm wrong.
    2)It's taken me 1litre of oil to fill the oil tank to mid way up the stick.No leaks.Had 1000mile service and now done 2200miles.I may have made a major e-bay blunder here but how much oil does the swingarm hold, and how much oil do they use?

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    your correct the preload is up top as well as damping compression is at the bottom of the forks far as oil cap swing arm holds 2.5qts and the primary is 1qt

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    Make sure you check the oil shortly after you ride there is a check valve in the return line that if leaking a little, it can let the oil drain back into the motor. Then you'll get inacurate readings.

    Shouldn't use enough for you to notice between changes.

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    Welcome to the Forum Marc. :D Looks like they've got you covered.

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