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Thread: PCV Valves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pushr0d View Post
    Okay - an update. Still outraged by the cost of a 'genuine' replacement part (StPHD - $34 plus $5.66 shipping), I decided to look for a suitable alternate.

    I found an umbrella/mushroom style valve at Advance Auto Parts. It's a Carquest #PCA 1026. The callout says it's for a 2000 VW Passat 2.8L. $4.49, plus tax. It has a small valve body, and a hose barb at 90 degrees.

    I replaced the section of hose that ran from the 'original' PCV in the rocker box cover into the airbox, and left it about 5 inches longer. I heated the end of the hose, and forced the new PCV into it. Then I tucked it under the velocity stack, with the outlet pointing down to drain any oil that collects in the valve.

    Attachment 15909

    I 'breath tested' it, and I get a seal going into the motor, and free flow coming out. I couldn't tell any difference in operation when I rode the bike to work this morning.

    I also tested the front 'original' valve. It sealed when I blew into it, and flowed freely coming out, so I didn't bother adding a valve to it.

    Another plus - this approach negates the need to rotate the motor, as the stock valves remain in place, where even when the valve part fails, they act as a breather/mist scrubber.
    Very clever.

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    Looks like that will work just fine

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    I'm not sure if it's me or if the bike really is running better - but it sure feels more 'spry'!

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