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Thread: Help with primary cover. HELP

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    Help with primary cover. HELP

    So I picked up a 2007 Buell Xb12ss that has some minor damage, the only real hard fix is the primary cover is broken. Since these motors are the same as Sportsters I assume I can use and 1200 sporty primary cover??? Or how do I find a part number or cross reference to order / buy one.

    Thanks for the help

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    No, they are unique to the XB line. There was also and early and late cover so be aware of that when looking at replacements.

    What damage do you have? Depending on how it is broken, it may be able to be fixed. New ones should still be available through St Paul but some versions are not available any more.

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    Sir: Your assumption is incorrect. XL/XR1200 primary covers do NOT interchange with any Buell XB models, for a multitude of fitment reasons. Your 2007 XB cover interchanges between 9 and 12 models...has factory "gold hue" finish to it...and correct part # is 25542-06. Substantial amount still in H-D dealer system as well as online vendors.

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