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Thread: Blowing 30A fuse - When Hot or Not?

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    You should be MUCH more concerned about proper cooling than physical damage. The VR has been put in that position for ages in many different motorcycles without issue. The case is a massive heatsink block... gel filled... and waterproof. Gravel won't matter. That said, smashing a 500lb motorcycle against it might be uh, problematic... but you really should be on a different bike doing the Romaniacs.

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    What Cooter said!

    The power lead is three feet long - relocating the VR wouldn't make any significant 'electrical' difference.

    But it (and all other VR's) definitely need cooling air, and a chassis ground in most designs. So the XB's location is probably as good as you can get. Only place better would be under the headlight like an old Brit bike.

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