Hoping someone else has seen this.

My '08 Uly has been blowing the main fuse lately. It happened about a year ago on my way home from work (7 miles). I had no spare, so I put a 15A in the socket, and got home safely.

Then a buddy and I went for a ride about a month ago. He took a wrong turn, and we ended up on a dirt road for about 7 miles. A lot of powdery stretches. The bike ran great, but twice, when I was grunting through powder sections, the fuse blew. After getting back on pavement, the bike ran great for the next 80 miles.

Yesterday, when I was going to an appointment, I was in stop-and-go traffic. Leaving a light, I entered the median for a left turn at a good speed, then applied a firm brake and made the turn into a bank parking lot. The bike died as I went down the 'ramp'. Again, blown fuse.

I suspected it might be a heat/fan issue, but the fan seems to run normally (on/off at 15 mph); and yesterday shouldn't have been that hot. I thought it might be when the fan goes to 'High', but apparently the '08's and up are single speed. BTW, the fan was replaced a year ago - after the first fuse failure.

The failure doesn't seem to be related to motion of the bike or the steering.

I've set the bike up in the garage with a charger and turned the ignition on and 'wiggle tested' every wire and harness I could. No effect. I pulled the fuse block and gave it a close inspection. No apparent issues. Visual inspection of all wiring doesn't reveal any chafing or frays.

When I've checked for codes, there hasn't been one - I assume because the fault kills the ECM too quick to set a code.

So, anyone have any idea what to look for? I'm riding the bike regularly regardless. I just carry a contact lens case full of 30A fuses. I need to look for a circuit breaker...