I had Hot Sauce, my 2004 Lightning torn apart for some head work this fall. Putting her back together, all done, cant connect neg battery terminal, short. Any obvious hints welcome, the neg ground cable bolt left side was broken off, redrilled and tapped, but not on the ground source side, I think. At any rate I cant connect the battery to blow the cylinder out after the headwork, and replace the sparkplug until I can reconnect the neg terminal. Help? Checked grounds except on the triple, is that the possible source? Also, previous owner had push button starter added, and I had trouble tightening the cable, but got that in place, Id like to think that not the source, but wtf is that small wire connecter underneath it for? there is a burnt up taped up wire hanging, that was never connected before, small gauge but traces back to neg battery in the harness near as I can tell. Id like to remove the push button but not sure I can now, its replacing the starter cover on rh side. Suggestions welcome.