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    Glad you guys are having so much fun at my expense. No meth involved, I put the bike back together per the manual, but cant hook up neg terminal. The bike is useless to me without being able to find the problem, so maybe I gave too much information, and confused you all. There is a bad ground or a short somewhere that is preventing me from hooking up the neg battery lead. I was hoping for suggestions not smart ass remarks from people I know have more experience with the bikes, so I apologize for giving more information than was required to get to that point.

    I mentioned the push button start because I had trouble getting the starter wire connected to it, thought maybe that was the source, and thought perhaps you guys might have had an experience with that sort of revision, or problems arising from it.

    Maybe if I knew where the ground points other than the tie bar, and the two under the seat were, I could resolve this. What is the triple and where would that ground point be specifically. I cant seem to locate that information but have seen it referenced in the forum, although I am not certain it would help. That is why I thought asking someone with more experience would help, but instead I have become a source of humor. Glad I could make you smirk. I do want to respect your knowledge, but not sure you have it now since you mentioned the fan would start but it wont arc and heat up, I cant connect the damn battery so how could the fan start...the battery isn't hooked up. Did you miss that detail?

    No fuses have blown, I have checked every time I tried to connect the battery. There may be inline fuses for the battery tender and power plug that were added, but they should not be receiving power without the bike turned on so....

    I'm not going to address the machine shop issue, its none of your concern why I want the bike to run, actually, just know that I do, that's why I asked for help from you.
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