Melvins. Thats what they should call them. And fine! You do you, Bill, but be honest about it. Want "Ten new models in a year"? cool. Still 'Melvins'. I really don't see the need to buy or use the Buell (TM) for any reason. Sure motorcycles have been re-branded many times before for a market base because of nostalgia or reputation. It's a long list of current brands that apply to that.

Buells aren't old enough for nostalgia, and from a reputation standpoint, let's be honest. The gen pops opinion of Buells reputation is 'weird brakes and bankrupt twice', or even 'great engineer' if they know a little, but neither equate to selling a new brand?. Even assembling EBR's from warehouse parts is not "Buell (TM)". They haven't engineered a single piece on it and they're not making XB's.

Melvin stated their "Lead Engineer" Is Jacob Stark. No offense to him, but his qualifications is not an Engineering degree on the wall. They are FaceBook self-promotional guy who "Figured I'd start to work on bikes about 10 year ago", and lost a shop to his GF by not paying the bills. Maybe he's great! Maybe he's not. But he's not any "Engineer" until he finishes engineering school. He might even re-think some of the parts he sells

At least when the EBR 1190 came out it was competitive. Although less than a year later it was electronically dated and I do NOT see EBR being able to keep up on that front then, or especially now with Melvin. A $20K hyper sport bike without even ABS?! Are you joking? Groms have ABS! In fact, with the new infrastructure bill it will be ILLEGAL to sell a motorcycle without ABS.

I still am very much in love with my EBR, It's the LAST analog hyper sport bike we will ever see.
My Bubbles says "Damn, they are sucking the cool out of your bike" and I couldn't agree more

Get off my lawn.