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Thread: Yuasa Battery - Internal Failure

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    Yuasa Battery - Internal Failure

    I've had a Yuasa YTX14H-BS in my '08 Uly since I bought it a couple years ago. The battery was in my '03 Triumph Sprint ST for a very short time - when I bought the Uly, I sold the ST. The Yuasa stayed with me. The Yuasa is rated at 12.6 AH / 240CCA.

    The original installation date was 1/26/19. IIRC, I put it in the Uly in March.

    I was never really confident in the Yuasa - the bike would do the 'Big-Inch Harley Grunt', then start. Mostly at the first start in the morning. I figured I'd look into something with more ass when the Yuasa failed.

    Which was yesterday.

    I rode the bike to work - everything was normal. Went to run home - the bike started to crank, then everything was gone. Sort of like the 'bad connection' symptom. So, I checked the connections - nada. Checked fuses - also nada. Then, I tried shorting the battery terminals with a wrench. Nothing!

    Brought out a multimeter - the battery read 10.2V. When I turned the ignition switch 'On', it went to 1.2V. Seems something let go inside the battery.

    Anyway, called a buddy - he brought me an AntiGravity LiFePO4 battery he had laying around. Bike started immediately!

    While I was waiting for him to show, I started looking for a Li-ion battery. The Shorai and AntiGravity batteries are roughly $290. Then I found Amazon is selling Noco (the battery charger guys) branded batteries that look suspiciously similar to the AG batteries - $129. It'll be here Friday.


    I'll report back when I have a week on the new battery.

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    The Lunaticfringe Industries patented 'Buell Bump" is unavoidable. Tap the start switch, release, and then hold it. Even at 240CCA. Heck I just rode the 2022 Sportster S with the Revolution 1250 at IMS and it did it to me. Twice. FUN ride though a bit small.

    Battery rule #1: Batteries are batteries and cheap batteries are cheap batteries, no matter the construction or magic beans inside them.

    IMO, at the $129 level and a name brand you should be OK.

    All the Shorai LFX14 batteries I saw were $120-$140? Thats what I've been using in both the XB-Ss and the EBR for about 4 years now. They will take a regular charger /float charger but are older tech and should use a Shorai maintainer to balance the cells. Cells. Interlinked. In the blood black the darkness began to creep.

    Whew! I digress. Most newer Li-Ion have that circuitry built in so a special charger is no longer needed. I have had only great experience using Li-Ion. See rule #1.

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